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Submission guidelines

Feel free to submit anything you think I might like to read.

If the work is your own, payment will be publication in the online anthology and one of either $100 CAD or twenty handmade chapbooks, your choice.

Submit as many times as you dare.

Manuscripts of any length are acceptable.

Format manuscripts however you like; save them in any format that pleases you.

Simultaneous submissions are okay.

There is no need to inform me if your work has been accepted elsewhere: maybe I’ll reprint it.

I don’t need first serial rights. I don’t care if you’ve “published” your story on Facebook.

Send me your best work; or send me your worst: maybe I’ll like it.

There is no need to familiarize yourself with what I’ve published in the past: I have eclectic tastes, and always want to be surprised.

I will never charge submission fees, a practice I consider exploitative and exclusionary. Trust no publisher that argues that your three dollars would’ve otherwise just gone to the post-office: this isn’t a zero-sum game. (Sellers on Craigslist don’t add two dollars to every sale because you once would’ve had to buy a newspaper to find their classified listing.) Trust no publisher that says that, because fees help them stay afloat and keep on publishing writers, fees are therefore good for writers; what’s better for writers is being able to buy groceries. Trust no publisher that assures you that a hundred percent of fees go to operating costs: what they are describing is a vanity press. And trust no publisher that promises that fees go towards contributors’ honorariums: what they are describing is not a literary journal but a writing contest—a kind of literary poker tournament that should be beneath the contempt of any artist.

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